2020 VE Testing

Dates for 2020 VE testing in the Tri-Cities are now posted on the ARRL Web site. Location is still the Boy Scout office in Kennewick, and the time is 1:45 PM. Dates are, Jan. 19, March 15, May 17, July 19, Sept. 20, Nov. 15.

Review of 2019 testing. We held 6 test sessions, we had 51 people test, averaging 8.5 per session, a increase of 1.8 over 2018. A total of 79 test elements were taken,resulting in 20 new Techs, 14 new Gen. 8 new Ex. with 8 who did not pass. Your VE team overall saw 48 VE's volunteer, with a total of 210 VE Man hrs.

Thank you to the TCVE Team for a great year.

Carol and I wish each of you a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas and a Safe and Wonderful New Year.

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