Amateur Radio Operators Needed

Forwarding Message From Franklin County Emergency Management--

Dear Amateur Radio Operator:

Franklin County Emergency Management is seeking more operators for its team at the Emergency Operations Center in Pasco. Operators do not need to be residents of Franklin County.

We have a position for Technician, General, and Extra Class license holders. Training will be scheduled to accommodate new operators. A background check will be conducted as part of the process for new EOC operators.
EOC operators give an invaluable service to emergency response by providing redundant communications. A time commitment for two to three exercises per year, training on the station equipment, and as-needed real response incidents is necessary.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer in service of our community, please contact our trustee, Judy West, N7PGJ at

Feel free to come by and get a tour of the facility and check out the equipment we have. Just let us know when you would like a tour by contacting us at 509.545.3546.

Sean Davis, Director
Franklin County Emergency Management


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