A Dream come True !!!

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This offering is too good to be true.....but it is true!!!

Spike W7AVA has listed his home for sale and must have his tower and antennas down ASAP.

So....here is a great opportunity of own a tower and antennas free.....YES, I said FREE!!!

Spike has a 40 foot Universal aluminum tower erected in his back yard. Mounted on the tower are the following antennas: SteppIr 4 element Yagi and SteppIr Control Box.
Also mounted on the same mast are a 9 element 2 meter beam, an 18 element 440Mhz beam, a 1.3 Ghz Loop Yagi and a M2 Antenna Systems RC2800 PX Rotor and Controller.

Spike will give all this away to any ham willing to take it down and remove it from the property before July 1, 2018.

Like I said before.....I am not kidding...!

Contact Spike at 509-539-4853 and make this dream come true for your station!

Time remaining: 99%
05/03/2021 (2 years)
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