First VE Test Session For 2019

The first VE Test session of this New Year will be here in just a few weeks. Jan. 20, 2019, 1:45 PM Boy Scout Office in Kennewick, North across Gage Blvd from COSTCO. Doors open about 1 PM and are locked when the session begins. Test fee remains the same for 2019, $15. cash or check made out to the ARRL. Testing for the first time make sure you know your Social Security number and have Picture ID. If upgrading we need a copy of your current License which we have to send in with the rest of your paperwork, You must use your FRN number and Have Picture ID. If you need special help make sure you let us know ASAP so we can make sure we can accommodate you. All Dates for our testing here can be found on the ARRL Web site. Lastly, if you are thinking about upgrading to General some time this year, the General Question pool and Test will be changing on July 1st. The New proposed Question pool is out for comment, can be found on the ARRL web site. Need any information please contact me. or call 509-783-6236


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