Jamboree On The Air

In a little over a hour from now the 60th annual JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) will begin at 0001Z and will run thru 2400 Z on Sunday. This is a world wide event sponsored by World Scouting and Ham the world over. As of 2100Z there was over 8200 JOTA stations preregistering and over 760 US preregistered. This event is open to Boy and Girl Scouts the world over. There will be events going on at the Blue Mt. Council Office starting at 8 AM Sat. running thru 5 PM. If you know of any Scouts or young people even if not in Scouts that may be interest bring them by the Scout Office tomorrow.
Hams out there listen out for CQ JOTA and take a few minutes to talk to them and if you know of any youngsters invite them into your Shack and have them talk on the air.

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