March 2021 VE Testing Results

Sorry this is a little late but just finished the paperwork for our ARRL test session today. We had 18 folks come in to test. One in as a General out as a Extra, 4 in as Techs, 3 out as new Generals. One did not pass. We had 13 people in as non Hams, 9 left as new Techs, 2 out as new General and 2 folks did not pass. Thank you and congratulations to all. Those that did not pass next time you will. Do not give up. Calls should be out in 10 -12 days. Thank you Richard for allowing us to test at your location and thank you for the support of the Tri-Cities Volunteer Examiners group for a job well done. Next ARRL in person test here will be the 3rd Sunday in May.

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