May 2019 VE Testing Results

Yesterday's Kennewick VE test session saw 7 people come in to test all with no License out of the 7 when they left they did so, 4 as new Technicians, 2 as new Generals and one took and passed all 3 test and left as a Extra. This young man makes the 3rd person in the last 10 years that has come in with none and left as a Extra. Our next test session will be July 21, 1:45 PM Boy Scout Office, Kennewick. At that test session we will be using the 2019 new General Question Pool. So if you are studying for General you only have the rest of May and June for the current Question Pool. The new questions goes into effect July 1st. Thank you again to the TCVE team for another job well done. Thank you and Congratulations to all our new Hams.

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