May VE Testing Canceled

The May 17th Test session for the Tri-Cities area is cancelled. We are not comfortable holding a test session at this time. With the numbers of CV-19 cases still increasing in this area and that over 3/4 of our VE team are over 60. I hope people that wanted to test please bare with us and we are sorry for any delay. We are hoping that things will change between now and our July 19th test date. All updates and if any changes will be posted here. If any one out there has any questions please contact me. And please remember everyone that VE stands for Volunteer Examiner, and every volunteer is told by all such organizations you must think of yourself first. Thank all of you for your understanding. I do not know of any of the other nearby groups that are currently testing. My Phone is 509-783-6236

Thank You

Mike Tesky

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