New Call Signs From March 2021 VE Testing

Call signs and upgrades from our March 17th test session have just been processed and issued after no processing by the FCC for the lat 2 days. Upgrades are, Steven M. KG7LXG Extra, David C. N7SJN General, Randy C. KJ7TXX General, Stephen H. KB7WAJ General.
New Hams and calls are: Wesley R. KJ7WMV Tech., Mitchell R. KJ7WMW Tech., Christopher G. KJ7WMX Tech., Daniel C. JR. KJ7WMY Tech., Brandon C. KJ7WMZ Tech., Alan R. KJ7WNA General, Randy H. KJ7WNB Tech., Reed C. KJ7WNC Tech., Brian E. KJ7WND Tech., Jennifer K. KJ7WNE Tech., Jerald Z. KJ7WNF General. Congratulations to you all for upgrades and new Hams. Welcome to the wonderful world of Ham radio. Have fun all of you. Interesting group of folks, there are 2 Police officers, a Kennewick Fire Captain, A Hanford Contractor PIO. Thank you again to the local ARRL Test team for a job well done.


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