VE Testing Results

March 17th VE testing in Kennewick saw 6 people come in to test. 2 folks came in as Techs and both left as new Generals. 4 Came in with no Lic. 3 left as new Techs. and 1 left as a new General. Congratulations to you all. Thank you again to our Local VE team for a great test session.

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Call signs and upgrades are

Call signs and upgrades are out form our March 17th VE session here in Kennewick. Clifford N7MKV upgrade to Gen., Daniel KG7TYC upgrade to Gen., William , KJ7FEK New Tech. Scott KJ7FEL New Tech., Sean, KJ7FEM New Gen., LeLand, KJ7FEN New Tech. Congratulations again to all of you, and thanks again to the Tri-Cities VE Group. Next test session in Kennewick will be May 19th, 1:45 PM Boy Scout Office Kennewick.