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Seven members, former members and soon to be members of the Tri-Cities Amateur Radio Club
braved the January weather on the 25th. and took part in the "Winter Field Day" contest.
Instead of operating in the cold and the rain we were smart enough to operate in the club station. All seven attendees agreed that a fun time was had by all.
So, what makes a good field day...…?

First: Donuts supplied by Mike KC7CCK, and Ed W6OLA.

Second: Coffee supplied by Mike KC7CCK.

Third: Friendship and laughter supplied by all.

Fourth: Training and more training.

Fifth: Ed gave a quick class on how to log the contest contacts. There was a specific logging form for the contest.

Sixth: Tony WS7V gave a lesson to Andy (Brand New with CSCE in hand) on the operation of the Kenwood Transceiver. Tony must be a good teacher because Andy made the bulk of our HF contacts with Tony as control operator.

Seventh: A chance to be an "ELMER". Jack, who just passed his Technician License on the 19th., had all the questions we all had when we were newly minted hams. Mike KC7CCK, Steve KD7JC, Scott KG7TYA and Ed W6OLA all put on their Elmer Hats and loved watching the enthusiasm Jack had as they discussed ham radio.

Report on the bands: 10, 15, and 40 were not good at our location, QRN and S-4 to 5 noise made communications impossible. Only one contact was made on 2 meters, but 20 was alive and well. Tony WS7V brought his trusty keyer and paddle and made several CW contacts as well.

Wrap up: We only operated about 4 hours before we secured the station and called it a day.

We all had a great time and I think Andy and Jack will be in our hobby a long time. That is what I feel makes a "Good Field Day".

I want to thank Tony, Scott, Steve, Mike, Andy and Jack for making this years "Winter Field Day" a success. As US Navy code operators used to say to each other in appreciation for a job well done.....BZ Bravo Zulu my friends.


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Good Show! The station needs

Good Show! The station needs a little exercise fer sure. I did make a few Winter Field Day from the mobile here in Arizona.

Steve WA7DUH -- Site SuperModerator
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Thanks for the good words

Thanks for the good words Steve.....It was really fun and rewarding to watch the :New Guys: experiencing ham radio.....

Ed :Old Lazy Amateur" McLaughlin