March 2021 License Testing

Ham Radio VE Testing! TESTING, we are going to be testing in the Tri-Cities on March 21 at 1 PM. Here are the requirements for those wishing to test. There will be a limit of 15 people allowed to test. You must call me to preregister, at which time you will be given the test location. You will be required to provide and wear a face-mask and gloves while at the test site. You will have to pay the required test fee of $15. Please be prepared with EXACT cash, as no change will be provided. Also, a check payable to the ARRL will also serve as payment, for a cash-less transaction. You will need to go to the ARRL web site, and print out the following forms and number of copies each to complete in advance, and bring to test session.

Along with these the FCC is requiring that if you have no License that you go to the FCC web site and request a FRN number that you will then use on both the 605 and answer sheet instead of your social security number which the FCC will no longer except, To request a number. Also there is a new privacy statement which is posted at, And 1 last thing go to
Review, print out the forms request and obtain a FRN number.
With above, you will be required to bring your own pens, pencils and calculator. You can not use your cell phone for a calculator. Please be prepared with your PHOTO ID. If upgrading your current license, you will need to provide a photocopy of your current license, as it is sent in with the rest of your paper work. You will be allowed to take only 1 test and no more. Testing will be at a established business following state and local business requirements which will include, a medical history, your temp will be taken, while social distending directions will be adhered to. YOU MUST HAVE ALL OF THE ABOVE TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR TESTING! If you arrive without any of the above, or show up NOT preregistered you will not be allowed to test. You will be given the address and reporting time when you preregister.
To preregister call 509-783-6236 Mike


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