New Call Signs and Upgrades

Call signs and upgrades from our Sep. 20th test session were just assigned, in fact I caught them just as they were being assigned. Those upgrading: Matthew KJ7PNV up grade to General, Weston W7WHW Up Grade to Extra, Steven KG7LXG Upgrade to General. New Hams and calls are: Brian KJ7RDY, Donald KJ7RDZ, James KJ7REC, Kerry KJ7REE, Gilmar KJ7REF, Clifton KJ7REG. Congratulations to all of you, welcome to those of you new to Ham radio and have fun, and by all means remember what I said at the test session if you have any questions along the way you all have my contact information, feel free to contact me. Also want to thank the TC VE team for once again for a great test session. Thank all of you and thank you Richard for hosting the test session under the CV19 rules. 73's all and happy Hamming.

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