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Next Meeting/ New Location

After a 75+ year co-location partnership with the Central & Southeastern Washington American Red Cross, they have severed our relationship and the Tri-Cities Amateur Radio Club must disassemble our equipment and be out of their Kennewick facility by the end of February.

Confluent, a 501(c)3 non-profit makerspace next to Uptown in Richland that has been open since February 6th, 2016, has agreed to our use of their facility for our ham club monthly meetings. The club radio equipment/station and antennas will be stored until a location for a club station can be found.

The next Tri-Cities Amateur Radio Club meeting will be held on June 3, 2024 7:00pm at:
Confluent Makerspace
285 Williams Blvd
Richland, WA 99354

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Inland Empire VHF Radio Amateurs Tailgate Swap

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Amateur Radio License Testing

QST QST-- There will be Amateur Radio (Ham) License in person testing, no computers, on May 19th in Kennewick WA. Testing starts at 1 PM. Pre-registration is required by May 16th. If testing for the first time you must go to the FCC web site and apply for a FRN number which you must have to test. We must send in with the rest of your paperwork. Test fee is $15.00. ID is required. Reminder if your upgrading to Extra, that question pool will be updating on July 1st. Questions or to register contact Mike at 509-783-6236

2024 Sea-Pac Info

MFJ US Production Closing

April 25, 2024
Dear Fellow hams and Friends,

It is with a sad heart as I write this letter.

As many of you have heard by now, MFJ is ceasing its on-site production in Starkville, Mississippi on May 17, 2024. This is also the same for our sister companies: Ameritron, Hygain, Cushcraft, Mirage and Vectronics.

Times have changed since I started this business 52 years ago. Our product line grew and grew and prospered. Covid changed everything in businesses including ours. It was the hardest hit that we have ever had and we never fully recovered.

I turned 80 this year. I had never really considered retirement but life is so short and my time with my family is so precious.

I want to thank all of our employees who have helped build this company with me over the years. We have many employees who have made MFJ their career for 10, 20, 30, 40 and more years.

We are going to continue to sell MFJ products past May 17, 2024. We have a lot of stock on hand. We will continue to offer repair service work for out-of-warranty and in-warranty units for the foreseeable future.

Finally, a special thanks to all of our customers and our dealers who have made MFJ a worldwide name and a profitable business for so many years. You all are so much appreciated.

Sincerely Yours, 73s

Martin F. Jue, K5flu

March 17 2024 In-Person Amateur Radio Testing Results

6 people tested, in person, yesterday. Two into upgrade and 4 in with no License. One in as a General class out a Extra. One in as a Technician class, out a Extra. One in not Licensed, out as a General class. Three in no license and out a Technician class. Congratulations to all and thank you Tri-Cities Volunteer Examiner's team.

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Tri-Cities Amateur Radio Club Elections For 2024

December 4, 2023 - Club Elections - Tri-Cities Amateur Radio Club W7AZ
We have a full roster of new club officers. First, I want to thank Pam and Jim Follansbee for their decades of service to the TRi-Cities Amateur Radio Club.
I would also like to thank the other outgoing offices and the remaining trustees.

The elected officers are:
President, Scott (Scooter) Castonquay KC7UOC
Vice Pres., Mike Conatore K7NT
Secretary , Tony Gasperino WS7V
Tresurer - Corey Williams KJ7GXG
Trustee -Trevor Marvin NZ4RN

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October Coffee and Donuts at Popular Donuts in Kennewick

New to the Area? Come to Coffee and Donuts with a bunch of other hams Saturday morning at Popular Donuts, in Kennewick( 101N Union St) . We get together the first Saturday of the month. It starts around 7:30 and the RAG CHEW could go on for a hour or two. If you can't make it, tune into the morning social net on 146.64 (Neg offset and toneof 100hz) at 7:30. Ed W6OLA will be net control. Hope to see you there.

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Starlink Sats may be causing interference.

I was sent this from a ham in Arizona. I am sharing it with you now.
Dear Fellow Hams,

A recent study discovered that 47 out of 68 tested Starlink Satellites were leaking RF radiation, far outside their GHz authorized frequencies. The researchers discovered that RF was leaking into the frequencies from 110 to 188 MHz and of course our 2-meter band falls right in the middle. Also of even more importance is the aeronautical frequencies from 108 to 136 MHz that pilots and air traffic controllers use to conduct safe traffic separation (voice starts at 118.0 MHz, navigation aids are below 118.0 down to 108.0 MHz).

At this time, I could not find any discussion as to whether the StarLink RF leakage is actually interfering with any comms between 110 and 188 MHz since this is just a very recent study. However the fact that some of the Starlink satellites were quiet but others were transmitting (leaking) in the 110 to 188 MHz frequencies should indicate that there is a RF quality problem with some of the Starlink birds. Since some of the signals used in this frequency band are considered to be weak signal (aircraft navigational stations and ACARS text messaging to airline cockpits for example), if any reports do develop about interference to aviation comms, you can bet that the FCC will be all over the problem. This will be a difficult problem to observe as the Starlink satellites are traveling at 17,000 MPH and so you might have one satellite exhibiting no leakage and the next one behind it will be a "leaker". It may turn out that there is no interference detected that is harmful to earth comms from Starlink but there are many other constellations of satellites that still need to be tested for RF leakage.

You can read more at:

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Updated files in "New Ham Kit"

We have updated and expanded the files in our NEW HAM KIT area. We now have more relevant information for new and aspiring HAMs TCARC-HAM-INTRO-101.pdf to help them get started.

If you have one of those popular Baofeng radios, we have a nice, english and detailed operations manual UV-5RV2+ User Manual.pdf and a quick and dirty instructions sheet to manually program that radio Baofeng-Programming-ae2.pdf.

You will also find a Band Plan for Western Washington WWARA-BAND-PLAN-20211218.pdf.
Plus a file with humorous clips on being a HAM radio operator.

Enjoy . . . 73

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