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Club Elections held 12-06-2021 - New Officers

Elections were held for the TCARC Monday evening. This is the current list of officers.
President, Richard Bogert KI7OOM
Vice President, Jenna Kochenauer KJ7WNE
Secretary , Tony Gasperino WS7V
Treasurer, Pam Follansbee, WM7R
Trustee, Mark Glaman N7MHB
Trustee, Mike Tesky KC7CCk
Trustee, Jim Follensbee NY7T

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Stolen key

There are no messages in this chat.

I ordered a SSKC straight key on a marble base.
Office said it was delivered!
Never got it!
Please keep an eye out for someone offering it for sale.
Darn mail box thieves.

Dave KK7SS

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Need Yaesu FTS-27 CTCSS Module

I need a Yaesu FTS-27 CTCSS Tone Board.


Time remaining: 39%
24/10/2023 (1 year)

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