Starlink Sats may be causing interference.

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I was sent this from a ham in Arizona. I am sharing it with you now.
Dear Fellow Hams,

A recent study discovered that 47 out of 68 tested Starlink Satellites were leaking RF radiation, far outside their GHz authorized frequencies. The researchers discovered that RF was leaking into the frequencies from 110 to 188 MHz and of course our 2-meter band falls right in the middle. Also of even more importance is the aeronautical frequencies from 108 to 136 MHz that pilots and air traffic controllers use to conduct safe traffic separation (voice starts at 118.0 MHz, navigation aids are below 118.0 down to 108.0 MHz).

At this time, I could not find any discussion as to whether the StarLink RF leakage is actually interfering with any comms between 110 and 188 MHz since this is just a very recent study. However the fact that some of the Starlink satellites were quiet but others were transmitting (leaking) in the 110 to 188 MHz frequencies should indicate that there is a RF quality problem with some of the Starlink birds. Since some of the signals used in this frequency band are considered to be weak signal (aircraft navigational stations and ACARS text messaging to airline cockpits for example), if any reports do develop about interference to aviation comms, you can bet that the FCC will be all over the problem. This will be a difficult problem to observe as the Starlink satellites are traveling at 17,000 MPH and so you might have one satellite exhibiting no leakage and the next one behind it will be a "leaker". It may turn out that there is no interference detected that is harmful to earth comms from Starlink but there are many other constellations of satellites that still need to be tested for RF leakage.

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