August 2nd 2021 IN PERSON MEETING

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IN PERSON MEETING - Tri-Cities Amateur Radio Club Aug 2nd, 7PM
The TCARC will hold their monthly club meeting in person in August. The meet place has changed for now. It will be held at Bogert Aviation, 3606 N. Swallow, Pasco. It is on the East side of the Pasco Airport along 4th Ave.
There will be a program about experiments with SLINKY antennas. The plan is to run a number of experiments with verticals, di-pole and end fed antennas all using the metal slinky toy as the radiator. It should stretch your mind.

Anyone interested in amateur radio is welcome to attend. We will not be having an on the air meeting that night. If you are not yet licensed but have an interest in Amateur Radio, you are encouraged to attend.

You are encouraged to join in our morning social net that happens on the 146.64 repeater (W7AZ) at 7:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. . The repeater uses negative offset and a tone of 100 hz.

A special thanks to Jim NY7T for his work on the repeater. It sounds great!! Thanks so much.

Please join us. Richard Bogert KI7OOM


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Great News! I was about to

Great News! I was about to offer our barn for an in-person meeting. It would be hot though!
73 Steve