2011 WARTS NET Picnic In North Bend

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2011 WARTS NET Picnic In North Bend


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WARTS Net Pictures

Sure Shawn-- WARTS stands for Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System. Officially a radio messaging (traffic) net, although with cell phones and cheap long distance, not much traffic to pass these days. So it is also a social net, everyone checking in by city. It operates 6:00 pm nightly on 3.9750 Mhz (75 meter band). Typically they have over 100 check-ins a night, so it is quite popular.

They had a picnic last Sunday over in North Bend, so we went over to meet up with the various friends. Many we were seeing face to face for the first time, although we talk to them frequently.


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Very Cool

Thanks Steve, sounds like something I may jump into once I get the equipment. I went to their web site as well, good stuff. Sounds like it could be very important if ever the cell and/or phone nets go down.


Great photos Steve... Any

Great photos Steve...

Any chance you could explain to those of us who do not know what the WARTS Net is all about??

Shawn KE7WDA