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CHIRP is a free, open source tool for programming frequencies, tones and offsets into many of today's VHF-UHF radios using a PC, Linux or Apple computer and programming cord. http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/Home

To program a radio using CHIRP, a special formatted file listing of frequencies, tones, offsets, etc must be IMPORTED into the CHIRP application, which will then use the file to program your radio. Creating the programming file (in CSV format) can be time consuming and error prone.

It is most handy to start with a file with many of the local area frequencies of interest, then add or delete to suit your own needs. Attached to this heading is a file I have compiled for my use .... you may find it useful [credit to John Schwab who compiled much of the list I started with. His list in pdf format is available in this same forum.] It has most of the Southeastern Washington 2M and 70cm band repeater and simplex channels, plus FRS/GMRS, Marine, Weather (receive only) and SAR frequencies I might need.

To edit the file directly, it is easiest to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Open Office spreadsheet IN CSV mode only. Don't let your editing spreadsheet save the file in it's "native" file format-- it will want to do that by default and will hound you. It must be "Saved As" in the CSV format that CHIRP understands.

You can also import the file CSV into CHIRP and use CHIRP to make your edits. Be sure to Export or Save AS your edits as a CSV file from CHIRP for future mods or use on other radios. The CSV file is generally rig independent. I use the same file to program my Yaesu 8800, Wouxan and BaoFeng radios.

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Updated file to

Updated file to WA7DUH_Chirp_CustomF.csv to correct a few problems.
-- Changed the Marine Channel descriptions from MAR-** to MRN** (local marine channels are now start with MRN) to resolve a problem with Excel, which wanted to convert anything starting MAR to a date in March, instead of leaving it as-written.
-- Updated descriptions of some of the ham repeater channels to be more consistent, particularly in the location. TC= Tri-Cities, SP or S= Spokane, KB= Kamiak Butte, RS = Rattlesnake Mtn (tri-cities) etc.

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